Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum - Jemyda Rechargeable Black Heads Removal Tool with 6 Sucking Probes

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  • 💖 DEEPLY PORE CLEANER ✔ New model in March 2020,Jemyda electric blackheads remover with adjustable centrifugal force to ensure thorough cleansing without bruise.The 3 mode controls satisfy the needs for all types of skin, oil mode with strong suction force is suitable to stuborn blackheads/grease,the neutral suit the normal skin very well, dry mode cater to thin/dry/sensitive skin.
  • 💖 SAFE & SKIN-FRIENDLY DESIGN ✔ Our facial vacuum pore extractor is designed with smoth suction heads,it is gental and effective to remove the blackheads.Make sure to hot compress your skin for 5 minutes to open the pore before use,you can see the effection clearly, application in regular time will bring healthy and flawless skin to you.
  • 💖 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BEAUTY DEVICE ✔ Our facial beauty tool have 6 replaceable and delicate suction heads for professional facial care, it allow you to remove the grease/blackheads without limitation,reduce comedones and oil,lessen the finelines, lift the V-face, shrink pores and facilitate the metabolism.The microcrystalline probe is very gentle to remove the rough old skin and aged horiness,promote the blood circulation,you can apply this probe to massage the tied eyes after power off.
  • 💖 USB RECHARGEABLE & PROFESSIONAL BLACK HEAD REMOVAL ✔ Jemyda electric black head removal tool has USB cable and large LED display for flexible and fast charging.It can be powered through phone chargers, power banks and PC USB ports.The device in curve shape is comfortable for hand holding, also the suction head with perfect angle is easy for sucking. It is a professional facial tool, portable for any travel and trips, also a vital healthy beauty tool for you and your love ones.
  • 💖 WHY CHOOSE JEMYDA BLACK HEAD REMOVER ✔ One complete facial beauty set for both women and men.It is special designed for safe facial treatment,promote skin's blood circulation,restore face elasticity and bright your smile.The electric pore vacuum come with the free pimple propper tool kit, cleanse your face throughly without any burden. Attention: keep the suction head moving,don't stay in one point.Please don't hesitate to E-mail us for any doubts.

Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum - Jemyda Rechargeable Black Heads Removal Tool with 6 Sucking Probes
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